What we do for clients...

  • We help our clients understand the intricacies of Microsoft licensing and contracts, and help them select the optimal path.

  • Our independent Microsoft audits remove the risk of the unknown. 

  • When Microsoft audits arise we are there to support our clients through the process, and verify the audit results are in fact correct.
  • We promote effective Software Asset Management (SAM), and guide clients through the process.

  • Our industry standard Software Asset Management (SAM) assessments provide our clients with actionable guidance.

Our Accreditation's...

Who we are...

SoftwareAdvocates® was created to provide clients an unbiased and trusted source of knowledge on Microsoft licensing and contracts. After 15 years at Microsoft, our founder John G. Grubb realized there was a critical need for these valuable services.  As an enterprise seller at Microsoft, he saw the daily challenges customers had with Microsoft licensing.  His 15 years of experience now provides direct value to our clients.

As SoftwareAdvocates® has grown it has added software asset management (SAM) professional services to its portfolio.  This was a natural progression from providing clients Microsoft licensing and contract services. 

Since our inception in 2012 we are seeing the migration from on premise Microsoft software to Microsoft online services add complexity and confusion, which we seek to alleviate.

We are a boutique practice with extreme focus on personalized service.